Parade Outline

Sunday, September 15th, 2019 13:00~16:00

-Rainbow Street-

Nishi 2 Chome ~ 3 Chome, Minami 1 Jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo (Pedestrian-only zone)

Start accepting: 13:00~

Start of the parade: 16:00~

Goal of the parade: 17:00

Time Table

Please, come to check in at the reception for parading.

Before the beginning of the parade, you can fully enjoy looking around various booths in Rainbow Street, watching performances on the stage, or listening to public talk by gorgeous guests!!

Starting point: ‘Rainbow Street’ Nishi 3 Chome ~ 2 Chome, Minami 1 Jo

A variety of placards written by several messages will be prepared. Participants can take one of them or hold a placard made by yourself, and finally start parading!! Why don’t you march on as your own style? And, don’t forget to get a balloon!! 

Please, notice that lining up will start from 15:30.

When you come to the goal point of the parade, the high-lighted event, which is balloon release, will be taken place at Odori Nishi 3 Chome, and then it will be ended with a commemorative photo taken.

Introduction of Parade Course


-On the day of Sapporo Rainbow Pride (Sunday, Sep 15th) the reception will start to accept since 13:00. Registration of participation is not a ‘MUST,’ but the receptionists will give you a guidance about alignment of the parade and its gathering spot, in order to avoid confusion. For that reason, check-in is recommended. Further, a way of marching is free. It will also be allowed to join the parade from roadsides after it starts.

-Performance and clothing are free, however, since it is walking in public at daytime, please, do not overexpose. Besides, a variety of placards will be prepared by Sapporo Rainbow Pride Committee, and it will also be possible to hold a handmade placard written by messages each according to her/his own thoughts, but it must be positive content in LGBT. Participating by a vehicle privately is not allowed.

-Forming a line will start at 15:30, and the parade will departure from 16:00. Please, follow the stuffs’ guidance, and be careful of running cars when lining up and marching. Sapporo Rainbow Pride Committee is not going to be responsible for any accidents while holding whole events of the parade.

-It is necessary to ask for permission when you take photos. And if you do not want to be taken pictures, there will be a zone where photography and filming are prohibited, please, join in that area. Some of photos of parading might be used for the official homepage, SNS, or each document. Please, be understanding of this beforehand.

-We will hand a tag written by ‘PRESS’ to an interviewer or reporter who is related to media. Please, come to the main booth of ‘PRESS’ in advance. 

-All the courses of the parade have become smoking restricted area by Sapporo city ordinance. Smoking while walking included with electronic cigarette is prohibited, except smoking at a public astray. Using a portable astray is also forbidden. Please, be understanding of this beforehand.

-Let our stuffs know, if you have handouts to be placed. You are not allowed to hand any flyers or brochures to participants without a permission.  

- Do not throw garbage away freely. 

-The balloons prepared by Sapporo Rainbow Pride Committee are made of 100% of natural rubber which is environment friendly materials.

- Sign-language interpret will be prepared for the stage performance before parading.