-Background of Sapporo Rainbow Pride-

Sapporo Rainbow Pride Committee` is established as a not-for-profit organization and has been operated by 18 members. In the year of 2013, `Rainbow March Sapporo` took the lead into the final parade with 17 times of the Rainbow Parade history since it had started as a LGBT parade in 1996 which was held in Japan secondly. (The location of the first LGBT parade in Japan was Tokyo.) Afterward `Sapporo Rainbow March +` was held by another group in 2017.

Recent years have seen steady progress on the movement of LGBT by the parties in charge. Based on the cooperation by great numbers of supporters, “Partnership Oath System” has been implemented since 1st Jun. 2017, and “LGBT Friendliness Index System” also has been put into action since 1st Oct. 2017 in Sapporo.

In 2018, the committee was organized by LGBT members and a lot of supporters, and then `Sapporo Rainbow Pride 2018` was held as an interactive activity in 7th Oct.
Under all the history and efforts that our predecessors made, we will hold `Sapporo Rainbow Pride 2019` in 15 September 2019. It will be great pleasure and gratitude with your participation and cooperation in order to realize the world that makes each of us lives together as a way of life for ourselves with understanding diversity and dignity.

-Goals of Event-

1. `Sapporo Rainbow Pride` promotes and celebrates the existence of LGBT (SOGI) [1] who literally lives all around the world.

2. `Sapporo Rainbow Pride` aims to promote the information for letting isolated LGBT (SOGI) people accept themselves and improve self-esteem.

3. `Sapporo Rainbow Pride` makes an impassioned plea to whole society, that we must build sustainable social systems for LGBT (SOGI), with encouraging the government, corporate enterprises, education fields, and so on.

[1] LGBT is expressed by the combination of acronyms for Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender (Transsexual.) On the other hand, it also could be involved with `Questioning` who is unable to identify their sexualities, ` Asexual` which indicates someone does not have attraction to be realized in any sexual manner, and others.  SOGI is the abbreviation for ` Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity`, and it has been used in the debates for international human rights law in current years. However, there is a possibility of that the definition of LGBT divines into parts between the minority and majority. In contrast, the word of `SOGI` has become an extensive meaning that does not only specify sexual minority but also implies wider range of sexual orientation and gender.